Why use Ops Tracker ?

Ops Tracker was created to help busy businesses handle their day to day workloads. Being able to structure the way you record new orders for work, allocate and then ultimately invoice for them takes the hassle out of running your business and lets you concentrate on the important job of making more money!

Ops Tracker is an ideal way of sharing job information between colleagues in a secure and efficient manner. Add notes and details to keep everyone in the loop and to make sure vital job information doesn't go unshared. It's all web based so can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Want to be notified of new work or as soon as a job is complete? Ops Tracker will automatically send an email to let you know there's something going on. You can even access the site through your internet enabled phone!

Use the job allocation tool to ensure all jobs have been handed out to staff and then quickly print a job allocation sheet so they know exactly what they're doing.

Ops Tracker can even be used as your CRM . Store customer details with notes and see their job history.

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  • Q. What sort of businesses can use Ops Traker?
  • A. Ops Tracker is not designed with one specific industry in mind. Any business that wants to be able to track and record the work they do will benefit from Ops Tracker
  • Q. How much is Ops Tracker?
  • A. Ops Tracker is only £29.99 per month as a flat rate.
  • Q. Do I need to sign up on a contract basis?
  • A. No. You pay for Ops Tracker monthly and if you decide to stop using it the payments stop immediately.
  • Q. How many users can you have on one account?
  • A. There is no limit to the amount of users you can have on one Ops Tracker account.

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Revolutionise the way your business operates.

In a busy working environment you need to ensure that you manage your workloads and resources in an efficient manner. Ops Tracker is the tool for the job. All ordered jobs are logged, allocated and prioritised via the secure log in website providing your business with a central collection point for information. Jobs are tracked from original order through to invoicing in a controlled and logical manner.

Ever worried that work has gone un-invoiced? Contract Manager allows you to tally up all work carried out against your monthly invoicing to ensure that you keep a water tight control on billing.

Businesses from a wide range of industries benefit from Contract Manager which include farm contractors, builders, aggregate merchants, grain merchants and plant hire firms.

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